Wildflower Studio is a virtual studio space offering you monthly unlimited access to over 60 videos (French & English between 3-60 minutes) guiding you through pilates, barre, cardio dance, and stretching. 2 new videos are added weekly, giving you the freedom to change up moves, anytime, from anywhere for 25€/month.


Words from our Wildflowers

"Every class is different, she comes up with new challenging and fun exercises all the time. One can't ever expect to be bored. I don't think anyone's ever succeeded and motivated me so much to move for my own good."


"Dans la joie et la bonne humeur la fée Jenn vous fait progresser, pousse vos limites, transforme votre corps et votre esprit !"


"... pour le corps, chaque cours est différent, du doigt de pieds aux cervicales, en passant par les hanches, rien n’est oublié. Le BalletPhysique donne un sens à l’effort, fait bouger pour le plaisir des gestes. On en ressort toujours avec un sentiment de satisfaction et de détente."


BLOOM where you are planted

Wildflower Studio is accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs.